Droid Day

November 6, 2009

at the risk of sounding like every other christian person on the planet i’m going to be ironic…

today is droid day.  translation: motorola droid is being released as the so-called iphone killer.  we all know this is going to fail.  even the most optimistic person knows that down deep the droid won’t be able to compete, really.  nothing can beat the original.  trying to recreate something never really works out.  look at the zune for instance.  even if it is equally as awesome as the ipod (which, beleive me, it’s not) why would someone buy one over the ipod.  if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  the key to having a truly successful market for an item is originality.  the radio was awesome, but something was missing.  you couldn’t put a face with the voice.  the black and white television was awesome, but you couldn’t see the colors.  color television was awesome, but it’s just so bulky… you get my drift.  what the droid brings to the table doesn’t exploit what the iphone lacks.  it’s a carbon copy of the original. there are two obvious conclusions:

1) the church will never work as a copy of culture. when the church is attempting to recreate what it sees in the “real world” no one is going to bite because, well, why go for the fake when you can stick with the original.  personally i would never buy the droid, simply because it’s letting it be known that they are simply imitating the iphone.  when the church uses this method people will ultimately be turned away.  imitation is the highest form of flattery, after all.
2) the world will never work as a copy of the gospel. this is the more important of the two points.  since the first sin, man has tried to find it’s fulfillment elsewhere.  everywhere we turn someone is telling us what we need to be satisfied.  of course, if you’ve ever bought that thing that you “needed” you soon found out that you didn’t need it at all.  in fact you probably don’t even want it anymore because it’s just not fulfilling you like the new thing will.  this isn’t just for material things, of course, but for relationships, social stance, political party, etc.  the good news is this: christ’s grace is sufficient for you.

as the church let’s be original, authentic – be family.  what you have is better than this world, in fact it’s what the world has always wanted to be.



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