December 5, 2008

ClausAs we all know, Christmas comes this time each year.  Though I’m not married and don’t have any kids at the moment, I wonder about a time when I might.  I have been wrestling with the question of whether or not I will tell my kids the lie of Christmas – that is Clausmas.  I know, I know that’s kind of harsh, but be honest, it is a lie.  One of the most significant moments in history seems to be distorted year after year with the fairy-tale of Ole St. Nick.  Now, my parents still haven’t admitted to the falsehoods of my youth, and as a result, it was  much later that I got the full meaning of Christmas.  Lauren’s sister cried this week when her family finally told her the truth.  She said something like “I thought Christmas was 100% about Jesus, and 50% about Santa.”  In some ways she had it right.  It is 100% about Jesus, so anything above that is just added on.  There in lies my question.  How do we allow our children to participate in culture, but not be of it?  I know many of my subscribers/loyal readers (ha) probably don’t have kids yet, but what will you choose to do when that time comes?

*Before you answer, remember your kids would love to spoil the fun of Santa for everyone else who falsely believes…my cousins of little faith tried that on me.


One Response to “Clausmas”

  1. Red said

    Truth will prevail

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