The Deal

April 7, 2008

Learning to deal with certain things in my life right now has been quite an experience.  For the past four months I have, with no success, been searching for a job in the Columbia, SC area.  The interesting thing for me is that I have yet to go a day without food.  No job, no savings, plenty of everything.  It seems to me that this isn’t normal.  Given, my parents have been feeding me while I’ve been at home, and if I need gas then they will help me out.  But somehow my bank account isn’t empty and neither is my belly.  When I’m away from home I’ve been just fine doing whatever I’ve needed to do.  I received a good bit back from my taxes and I lived off of that for a while.  Then, I received a couple of random checks from different places, both of which I wasn’t expecting.  I just made a little extra money playing music and leading a small group during a church youth event.  I heard about that big government stimulus package that we are going to get in May.  And while I am excited about getting a job soon and I do mean soon, I’ve really been in a special place the past few months.  I’ve had the opportunity to do many things that I would never been able to do if I had a consistent job.  I’ve seen myself get really anxious about not having a job, but I should know that, really, God is in control.  Never in my life have I had money just given to me like this.  There is no way that this is a coincidence.  The cool thing is I have to attribute this whole thing to God’s work.  Even though everything that happens in my life is a blessing straight from God, I still sometimes feel like I had something to do with it.  I can honestly say that there is no reason I deserve the immense blessings I have received in my life, but God has always been faithful.  I know that He has a plan for my life.  I’m so glad that Jesus rocked my world and let me know that I have nothing without Him and that my life is to be a living example of what He’s done.  I’m so fortunate.


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